One Component Encapsulating Material as High Barrier Coating (ONCE)

For NASA’s Advanced Food System (AFS), Luminit developed a new One-Component Encapsulating material based on an innovative composite (or hybrid) of polymer and sol-gel as a directly deposited barrier coating on packaging polymers such as PET, polyolefins, and polycarbonate.

UV-Curable Hybrid Nanocomposite Coating to Protect Tether Polymer Materials(UVHN)

For NASA’s In-Space Propulsion Technology Program, Luminit developed a new UV-curable hybrid nanocomposite coating material matrix based on our hybrid sol-gel technology to protect tether materials from ionizing radiation, UV rays, and atomic oxygen breakdown while maintaining good mechanical and thermal stability, and high chemical resistance.

High-Speed Fiber Optic Micromultiplexer for Space and Airborne Lidar(FOMM)

For NASA’s Earth Science Division, Luminit developed a reliable, robust, high-speed Fiber Optic Micromultiplexer, with a modular expandable binary tree switching architecture and photonic integrated micro-digital optical switches, that will provide space and airborne lidar imaging of Earth-Sun atmospheric parameters with a shaped field of view for an enhanced lidar return signal and image resolution.

Lunar EVA Holographic Display(LEVAD)

For NASA’s next generation EVA helmet design, Luminit developed a see-through, suit mounted holographic display that will provide vital information to the astronaut without obstructing vision. This hands free information display will be adjustable to provide maximum comfort for the astronaut.

Holographic Wave-guided See-through Display(HOWSD)

Luminit developed a novel holographic wave-guided see-through display, based on wave-guiding Bragg holograms, for incorporation into space suits intended for extra-vehicular activity. This low profile, lightweight, fully see-through wide field of view, high-resolution system will enable astronauts to access critical information that is readable and reliable under extreme environmental conditions.

Integrated Spatial Filter Array(ISFA)

For NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, Luminit developed a novel polarization preserving Integrated Spatial Filter Array based on photonically integrated waveguide technology consisting of polarization-preserving single-mode waveguide channels sandwiched between a pair of hexagonal microlens arrays. Each waveguide acts as a polarization maintaining single-mode fiber.

Luminit Optical Tank-Level Sensing System(LOTS)

Luminit, LLC developed a new non-contact Luminit Optical Tank-level Sensing system, based on the optical measurement of a small spotlight shone on the surface of the liquid. This approach incorporates commercial off-the-shelf components and Luminit cryogenic opto-mechanical design, which enables us to meet NASA requirements and offers the possibility of remote operation and compact size. This technology will replace multiple float switches and differential pressure measurements, which do not provide accurate liquid level measurements for low density fluids such as, e.g., liquid hydrogen.

Carbon Nanotube-based Super Capacitor(CANS)

For NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), Luminit developed a Carbon Nanotube-based Super Capacitor that will support an advanced balloon system resembling a small aircraft in its mission capabilities. This system will enable 100-day missions at mid-latitudes and altitudes of 30-40 km. An electrode—the main component of CANS—will be fabricated of a nanocomposite mixture of sol-gel and carbon nanotubes (CNTs) on flexible substrate, which will reduce both mass and volume with respect to ordinary rechargeable batteries.