Display Technology

Luminit R&D pushes the boundaries of what is possible in display technology. Display applications being developed by Luminit scientists include Head-decoupled Displays, Head-up Displays (HUDs), Head-and Helmet-mounted Displays (HMDs), and high-precision gun sights for the military. Luminit substrate guided holograms are also being developed to improve atmospheric measurements, optical sensor systems and spectrometers.

Viewbox Enhanced Wave-Guided Helmet Mounted Display

Luminit developed a Viewbox Enhanced Helmet Mounted Display technology based on a wave-guided holographic optical element for off-axis image projection of a high-resolution microdisplay through a thin plastic visor, which acts as a waveguide. VIEW-HMD displays color imagery over a field of view of more than 30 degrees with a >10 mm eye motion and see-through capability.

Gaze Contingent Immersive Field of View Head Mounted Display

Luminit developed a Gaze-contingent Immersive Field-of-view head mounted Display, based on Luminit’s novel holographic substrate-guided HMD design, that will significantly improve the performance of both eye tracking accuracy and display quality, as it relates to accuracy and precision of real and virtual objects in augmented and simulator environments.

Holographic Wave-guided See-through Display

Luminit developed a novel holographic wave-guided see-through display, based on wave-guiding Bragg holograms, for incorporation into space suits intended for extra-vehicular activity. This low profile, lightweight, fully see-through wide field of view, high-resolution system will enable astronauts to access critical information that is readable and reliable under extreme environmental conditions.