Fiber Image-Guide Airframe Roughness Profilometer (FIGARP)

For DARPA, Luminit developed a Fiber-Image-Guide Airframe Roughness Profilometer, based on a novel phase resolvable full-field optical coherence tomography (OCT) and a handheld Fiber-Image-Guide (FIG) probe, to examine aircraft and predict airframe crack nucleation prediction through surface roughness measurement.

Holographic Solor Concentrator

Wideband Holographic Solar Concentrator Based on Substrate-guided Holograms (WHOLOSCOPE)

Luminit developed a new wideband holographic solar concentrator based on substrate-guided holograms and a flexible off-the-shelf thin film photovoltaic cell positioned on the edge of the hologram. By using flexible highly efficient multiplexed substrate-guided holograms (SGH) recorded for the wide band of solar light and flexible thin film PV cells that attach to the edge of the holograms, it efficiently covers the solar waveband and achieves up to a 300-fold solar energy conversion enhancement.

Radiation Protection Clothes

Flexible Lightweight Radiation Protection Garment (FLEXPROG)

For DARPA, Luminit developed a new Flexible Lightweight Radiation Protection Garment system based on our hybrid sol-gel technology for the protection of the warfighter, the physician, and the first-responder from radiation. This hybrid inorganic/organic polymer material system bridges the gap between inorganic and polymer for radiation protection in a coating with good mechanical and thermal stability, and high chemical resistance.

Radiation Protection